Friday, December 21, 2007

MSN Launches Live Search Webmaster Center

MSN launched their reply to Google Webmaster Central recently. It's called Live Search Webmaster Center, and can be found at:

To log in, We'll need a Windows Live ID. An MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, or Passport account will also work.

The interface is still simple and somewhat limited as compared to Google, but it does provide some useful data. It's also still in beta release and should continue to add features as development progresses. Here's a screenshot of the current interface.

Similar to its Google counterpart, Windows Webmaster Center allows us to submit and manage our XML sitemap, as well as we can test robots.txt file, analyze our top inbound and outbound links, and view our rankings in Windows Live Search etc.

For security reasons, we must prove that we own your site by either adding a special Meta tag to our homepage or by uploading a XML file to our site’s root directory. MSN walks you through the easy steps of completing this task.

Currently, the quality of our keyword rankings and inbound and outbound links are displayed by a set of green boxes under the column Rank. So far, we have seen a single page or keyword rank varies in 5 boxes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Google Sitelinks:

On a Google search for the keyword "Cardsshoppe" instead the main search result; we see links to various pages of the Cardsshoppe web site. This can help a searcher in two ways: they can get a better understanding of what the website is about before they visit, and they can find a link from Google to the topic that interests them. Only the best websites seem to get Sitelinks. Webmasters thinks that Sitelinks enhance a web site's visibility and reputation.

Here's an example of a Sitelinks listing:


Baby shower invitations & Birthday Invitations: Cardsshoppe specializes in Baby shower invitations, birthday invitations, party Invitations, birthday party ... - 54k - Cached - Similar pages

Child Birthday Invitations

Announcements, Personalized Baby

Card Search

Cards Selection

Birth Baby Announcements

Bridal Shower Invitations

Cards, Birthday Party Invitations

Moving Announcements Cards

More results from »

The workings of many Google algorithms, including Sitelinks, are kept secret to discourage people from manipulating the rankings, but we can still look at examples and try to understand where Sitelinks come from. Some of the factors that may be the reason of sitelinks:

Site ranks first for the keyword(s) that generate the Sitelinks listing

Easily crowlable, structured site navigation

High organic search traffic

High click through rates from the SERPs

Useful out going links

Inbound links from high quality sites

Site age is several years or older

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Basics of keywords Selection

Search Engine Optimization involves different processes, out of them Keyword Research and selection of appropriate keywords is one of the primary and Important procedure for it. Before making a strategy to optimize a site, keyword selection is very necessary work to do rather than going for link exchange. It is very much important to select the right keywords for the businesses to advertise online (eg. Adwords) to make profits. An advertising campaign can be viewed as unworthy if the wrong keywords are chosen for it.

In a brief, SEO is a technique that aims to make the better position of a web page in listings shown by search engines (SERP) and also to increase google page rank. The profits involved in getting listed on front page or top ten on SERP increases the possibilities of great business because online visitors can view their pages and can buy the products and services offered by Website. It also gives visitors a convenient way to choose the product of their choice online with security. Every site should have unique goals to attract visitors to sell their products and services.

When it comes to keyword research every site does need some focused keywords i.e. less competitive, frequently searched by people. We incorporate all these keywords in Meta Description, Meta keywords, Alt Tags and Title Tags. Description of site should contain keywords in accordance of their targeted arrangement, but it shouldn’t seem to be stuffed Keyword or advertisement. Don’t write any offers and prices of the products.

The process of selection of appropriate keywords for a particular site is not a easy task. Always make sure the keywords you are using in your tags should be relevant to services you are providing and web site must contain good content for visitor that can attract and stop them in your site. Be specific on what the services you are going to provide are and the process of getting them all should be user friendly.

There are many tools are available online to get suggestions of keywords, they are called keyword suggestion tools. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Selection Tool, Wordtracker, Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool, Digital Point keyword suggestion tool etc to take number of suggestions for your targeted keywords.

If you want keywords suggestions for newly developed site, it is recommendable to choose some initial keywords related to the theme of the site. Keep in mind always user always searches for lower case keywords so that make them all lower case and past experience speaks that it is easy to get good rank for phrases or long tail keywords. Always be careful about proximity, Prominence and density of keywords.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Need of The Open Directory Project

We can define Open Directory Project as the very important human edited directory on the web. Open directory project ( does not crawl the web links but we can say that it works like database of Google because it takes site data from ODP.

Why because of it’s a largest human edited directory and there are no chances of spam and the rules of inclusion in directory are very strict to maintain the quality. It doesn’t compromises on quality.

When it comes to submission it takes 6 months to approve your listing. Always avoid to submit again within 6 months of first submission otherwise it will consider your site as spam.

ODP - Promises of Rejection

(1.) Make it clear that your site shouldn’t be redirected.

(2.) Include your most important keywords in site description.

(3.) Go deep down the length when submitting, for most specific category.

(4.) Never exchange links with adult prone sites.

(5.) Description shouldn’t look like promotional text and don’t show off prices and offers of your product and services in it.

(6.) You should not submit more than one page from your site into different categories. Yes, sometimes you can but make sure each page has significant, unique and recognizable content for a category.

(7.) Website shouldn’t be mirror or under construction.

Friday, January 19, 2007

SE - Working Functionalities

Firstly its my concern to remind you that search engines are just a program to search desired data according to given instructions in its algorithm. It can’t behave like human being. And the major difference to view web pages is varies between human and search engine. Search engine cannot be impressed by looks, pictures, flash and videos. The only attraction for it is content, Or we can say that the search engine is very much hungry of new content. Whenever we talk about humans they always attracted by outer views like layout, pictures etc.

Now we have an idea about search engines, that they are text-motored. Though technology changing rapidly everyday, it may be possible in near future search engine would enjoy & recognize web clips, sounds and layouts. In real web world search engines go through the Web, and searching at particular website content mainly text to get an idea what website is about. Search engines are involved to perform various activities to show us better search results i.e. crawling the web, indexing of web pages, processing of them, calculation of relevant content, and retrieving the information from database in order to fulfill user needs.

Google and other major search engines have a software program called crawler or spider that crawls the web, It keeps an eye on links from one web page to some other and index them all are coming in their way. Although billions of web pages are there so that its impossible to crawl every page every day. It happens sometime that your page isn’t cached for a long time, but don’t be keep quiet in waiting to be cached, do some SEO.

When it comes to the indexing of web page after crawling, search engine has a very large database to index its content, from where it can be retrieved later. Depend on your keyword, title and description given in Meta tags. Sometimes it happens that search engine is unable to categorize or classify your content for that you have to optimize your site for targeted keywords.

After all when some one enters a keyword phrase to search information, search engine process keyword to match with related pages and checks its relevancy and show results in SERP. All Search engines have their algorithm to find relevancy of content depends upon keyword density, age of URL, back links and Meta tags. That’s why every search engine gives different search result. Because all search engines are modifying their algorithm time to time so that it becomes necessary to do SEO efforts continuously.

Although the basic principle of operation of all search engines is the same, the minor differences between them lead to major changes in results relevancy. For different search engines different factors are important. There were times, when SEO experts joked that the algorithms of Yahoo! are intentionally made just the opposite of those of Google. While this might have a grain of truth, it is a matter a fact that the major search engines like different stuff and if you plan to conquer more than one of them, you need to optimize carefully.

The basic formula for indexing is to have unique content for all search engines. Preferences vary one to another but I want to tell you one more thing that google likes links and the old domains, others haven’t disclosed their preferences. So be careful while optimizing site considering different search engines.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

SEO - A Review

In a current development these days effective search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) is very important in the way of success. Its is necessary to bring more traffic on the site but it should be in low cost. It is the process to utilize techniques that ensure you search engine find and include your website in their databases. In today’s age of business Search engine optimization is playing a crucial role. The primary goal of SEO is to improve the ranking of a website on some major search engines, eg. Google, Yahoo or MSN. In the absence of this many of the websites will be lost in the cyber world.

In order to promote sales of their product, manufacturers get their website developed and placed on web hosting company’s server. afterwords the website along with its business product must reach the targeted consumers and clients.

In general people often use prospective keywords to search desired material on search engines. Therefore, the most critical aspect of any online business promotion strategy is the keywords. The proper management and use of Keywords in your websites will help your website to appear at the top of the search engine result page(SERP).

So that taking help from professional Search engine Optimization service is always advisable. Else your prospective clients will never find your website in their search engine results. The reason being the different keywords used by your client/consumer and its absence in your website. SEO, who research on the keywords used by the search engine users and optimize them in your website so that your website gets maximum exposure. The use of these keywords and their placement in your website Domain, title, meta description and meta keyword tags will focus your website high on the search engine results. That means people can find your website easily to purchase your products and services.

Making a website with the best graphics and flash will never rank your website on the google search results. In order to rank your site high in search engines, Google uses a technique called link-popularity. The ranking of your website depends on how many another pages link to your website, it means how many inbound links are there and how relevant the search engine thinks these links are. Thus it brings more traffic to your website. More traffic means better business which leads to more sales and popularity of your product and services.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Off Page Activities.

“First of All Wish you all Happy New Year 2007”

Today I am going to discuss about Off Page optimization. It is a back support for the Search engine marketing. For a good ranking and to increase page rank our site should have some good back links pointing to our site , not only to our main page , it should point to other pages with the relevant pages. For good back links generally we perform some of these tasks.
(1) Directory Submission / Search Engine Submission.

(2) Article Submission.

(3) Link Exchange.

(i) One Way Links.
(ii) Two Way Links (Reciprocal links).
(iii)Three Way links.

(4) Blogs & Forums Submission.

(5) Press Release.

(1) Directory Submission / Search Engine Submission :

There are a lot of directories available on internet , it has some Important categories ans some sub categories , We can submit our website URL in the most relevant category or subcategory , before submitting our site to the directory we should keep in mind some of these things eg. The Page Rank of the Directory / Search Engine. the age of Directory and the the popularity o the directory. And always avoid the FFA (Free For All) directory.

(2) Article Submission :
Article Submission is an important process to gain some good links. In this submission we have to be aware about some of the things like, the material supplied in article should be own and unique avoid mall practices. And subject should be relevant to the category in which article is going to submit. Always try to be similar subjective to your business. Article submission has some parts like Article summary, it contains summary of your article. Article body is second one here you have to submit your text material, here you can also submit some Hyper Links to your site. And the last one is Authors Bio , here we have to submit Author’s profile and our site Link. You can also give different page links for different articles because all the pages of a site has same importance. And the very important thing is your Keywords for your article to search. These Keywords will help to search your article. And don’t forget to check your links given in an article whether they are working properly or not.

(3) Link Exchange :
Link Exchange is a base of the optimization, We can categorize this in three parts. We will discuss these thing briefly later. I am giving short description on these things.

(i) One Way Links : In link exchange, Google gives most priority to one way links pointing to your web page. It can be gained through Directory submission, Search engine submission and also we should buy some links from good web sites.

(ii) Two Way Links (Reciprocal Links): Its is mostly used to exchange links with similar Pages. Avoid to make reciprocal links with much sites because in latest search engines are not giving importance to Reciprocal links.
(iii) Three Way Links: This linking process has much complications so that few SEO’s approach to this linking. In this way 3 sites can exchange links but no one should be reciprocal. It came in existence to avoid Reciprocal links. For Example- If there are thre sites named a, b, c then a gives back link to b, b gives back link to c and c gives back link to a.

(4)Blogs & Forums Submission:
Its same as Directory Submission we can create and submit blogs and also we can join forums and can give our links.

(5) Press Releases :
It is a written announcement that seeks to draw attention of media to a specific event or product launch. Through this we can also market our site as well as products.